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Samuel A. Valenti Jr., M.D.

Samuel A. Valenti Jr., M.D.

Rapid Care

Morgan Medical Complex



Karen M

He is a great doctor and a wonderful man. He truly cares. I saw Dr. Horches for 10 years before I needed my knee replaced. He was so gentile with the shots I received in my knee and they worked.

Donna S

What an awesome doctor. I was a patient for a couple years and just recently moved to NC. I had severe migraines which were debilitating. After seeing Dr. Horchos they reduced to once a month from 25 a month. Praying I find another doctor that compares!

Local Physician

I want to thank you guys for all your help with my patients. Everyone who comes back raves about Dr. Connor. They really all do love him

Wendy G

Dr Horchos is AMAZING!! Our son had his 3rd concussion from football ( second in less than a year). I’ve never seen a doctor spend so much time with their patient. We had to have been with him nearly an hour asking questions about his symptoms. Therapy was an immense success.

Rapid Care Occupational Health

Rapid Care is an occupational medicine clinic centrally located and easily accessible in the Scranton area. The clinic is staffed by Dr. Samuel Valenti and his professional team dedicated to providing quality occupational health services.

In addition to comprehensive pre-employment services, Rapid Care offers a wide range of services that help manage work-related injury, illness and disability. We understand that time is of the essence in providing injured workers with optimal care. In keeping with this goal, same day appointments are available. Dr. Valenti is committed to the treatment and rehabilitation of injured workers and their expedited return to work.

Attention Employers

If you are interested in adding Rapid Care to your company's workers' compensation panel, please  CLICK HERE  to submit a request or call 570.344.3788 ext. 320.

  • Rapid Care Info:
  • Phone: 570-207-0950
  • Fax: 570-207-0953