Northeast Rehab Medical Fitness

Inspired by the vision of Northeastern Rehabilitation Associates, P.C., the goal of Northeast Rehab Medical Fitness is to create a unique and distinct fitness experience. We welcome individuals attempting to overcome a variety of medical-related conditions as well as those who wish to conquer personal limitations in health and athletic pursuits. Northeast Rehab Medical Fitness provides an environment that is non-threatening, comfortable and friendly.

Whether you suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, or obesity or struggle with overcoming the limitations of chronic musculoskeletal injuries like neck or back pain, our experienced clinical exercise physiologists will assist you through each stage of your program. Regardless of your goals, our staff will provide you with quality, evidence-based fitness and exercise programs.

Located within the Northeast Rehab Medical Fitness Center, our services are dedicated to helping our members:

  • Learn basic exercise principles
  • Develop personal fitness goals
  • Restore active and healthy lifestyles
  • Control pain
  • Improve sport performance


The mission of Northeast Rehab Medical Fitness is to assist our members in the development, implementation, and maintenance of lifestyle changes necessary to improve overall quality of life. Our team of degreed and certified clinical exercise physiologists strives to educate our members on the importance of appropriate exercise and ergonomic movement as well as basic nutritional habits.

Exercise Physiologists